we all go a little mad sometimes

Things are starting up again…

It doesn’t really seem to surprise me. I’ve always notice stuff going on in my house more in the summer months than any other time of the year. Maybe its the heat, I’m not sure but last night as I sat on my couch tumbling I heard a huge thump in my closet. Assuming it was one of my cats I checked it out and found a box full of cords that I always keep on my shelf spilled out on the floor. See, small stuff, but that’s the shit that gets you. That’s not it though, yesterday I misplaced my phone. I knew the volume was on so I decided to call it but to no avail. I looked for an hour for the damn thing and just as I was giving up I walked into my room and found it sitting in the middle of my floor. Volume still fully turned up. Normally this would scare me but I was so mad it just pissed me off further. 


posted 2 years ago